Featured August Show
“For The Birds”
by Delaine Walters
For the Birds

Does my reflection make me look fat?

Why did the rooster cross the road?

Why am I always last?

These questions are just some of the
topics addressed by Delaine Walters’
eclectic new exhibit at Art Central
Gallery.  “The Birds” will be on display
through the month of August, with a
reception to greet the artist on Third
Thursday, Aug. 17th from 5 pm til 8

Delaine loves to paint birds, and more
than two dozen of her avian works of
art will engage the viewer with
suggestions about the birds’ inner
thoughts as well as their outer beauty.  
This show is all about variety.  From
batiks, oils and watercolors to nesters,
waders and singers, there is
something here to please any art

No chickadee wants to be late for the
meeting, and even egrets experience
moments of tension on
the home front.  The white peacock
knows he’s “all that.”  The Partridge in
a Pear Tree is here too!  Stop by to
see who else is roosting at Art Central
in August.

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