Featured October  Show
“Morning Skies”
by Renee Bruce
Artist Renee Bruce continues her fascination with clouds in her new series, “Morning
Skies.”  The paintings are on exhibit at Art Central Gallery October 1-31, 2017.

While on a visit to Myrtle Beach with her family, the artist was able to spend a few early
morning hours on the beach watching the sun rise.  “What a glorious start to the day!  I’ve
been fascinated by clouds since childhood and was lucky enough to see a wonder-full
display of shifting light and color,” says the artist.

“The rising sun is awe-inspiring any day, but I’m not usually awake for it!  So it was a real
treat for the clouds to be so beautiful on the day I was there.  I really felt honored to
witness nature’s gift.”

Renee’s joy over this uncommonly ordinary event is evident in her paintings.  Stop by Art
Central Gallery on Short Central Avenue to experience some of this joy for yourself!

A reception for the artist will take place during the Art Central 19th Anniversary party on
Third Thursday, October 19, from 5 pm til 8 pm.  

"The artwork shown on this website is protected by the United States copyright laws.  No copies or
reproductions of any of the artwork shall be made without the written consent of the individual artist
who owns all right, title and interest in and to the artworks shown."
"Neon Sunrise" 20x24, $650
"Morning Glory", 30x40, $1680
"Early Wade", 7 x 5, $75, pastel
"Morning Glow" 18 x 24, $650
"Ducks at First Light" 8x10, $195
"Purple Skies" 20 x 24, $650