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Art Central Gallery features the March show and sale "Ordinary to Extraordinary" by artist
Debbie Grogen. Join us on Third Thursday, March 15th 5-8pm for a gallery reception and
meet the artist!

We have all done it.  We go to a new place or on a new adventure and we must capture our
experience with our photographs.  But what happens after that?  Do you look at your photo
and say I remember this brighter, softer, more vivid?  The camera has never been able to
capture what the human eye can see.  It cannot capture the all the shades and tones of color
your eye sees.  Nor can the camera capture the feeling of standing on a beach with the
breeze caressing your face with a delightful coolness on a humid day: or the sheer magical
lavender colors in the sky after the sun has set.  But your art can capture that feeling.

The reason is simple.  When you create a painting, it is from your soul.  Do you remember that
moment when you were inspired to take that photo and why?  What attracted you to this
image?  The light against the dark contrast, the colors, shapes, textures or the historical
importance that a place evokes. These are questions that your art can try to answer for the
viewer.  It involves taking the ordinary to the extraordinary.

My theme of this show endeavors to show how art can transform an image and make it
special to the viewer.  Each piece of art work was inspired by a memory, feeling, or sense of
inspiration.  Both the photo and the art that was inspired by it will be displayed to demonstrate
this transformation.

It is my fervent wish that after viewing this exhibit you will be enchanted from the ordinary to
the extraordinary both in visual delight and emotion.
" - artist Debbie Grogen
March Show
Ordinary to

by Debbie Grogen