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September Show
by Faith Cuda
During the month of September, Art Central Gallery presents a solo exhibit, “Puzzle Art,” by Faith Cuda.  

Speaking of her newest paintings, Faith says, “Creating art can be both fascinating and challenging at the same time.  
With these paintings, I held the image in my mind and heart along with the medium (oil or acrylic paint) and my unique
style of applying the paint.  All of it came together to bring the images to life.  The size of a piece of art, whether large or
miniature, is also part of the equation.  The work can be a single canvas or a number of pieces put together like a
puzzle to create the final image.”

In “Puzzle Art,” Faith uses the time-honored method of continuing the image across two or more canvases.  A diptych,
such as “Sunburst,” is a two-paneled piece joined into one painting, with or without a hinge.  The showcase piece of this
exhibit, “P
rismatic Puzzle” is a triptych, meaning the painting consists of three panels.  The panels do not have to be the
same size.  One panel can be larger and the other two smaller or any creative combination the artist wishes to arrange
the three pieces.

“Poppies Galore” is a polyptych, or a piece of art having more than three panels.  Faith explains, “A polyptych can
include many panels depending on the size and structure of the total image being painted.  In this case I painted four
canvases that were the same size.  The resulting work is unusually large and hopefully powerful.”

Faith Cuda will be honored at a reception on Third Thursday, September 20, 5 pm-8 pm.  Her exhibit, “Puzzle Art,” will
be presented until the end of the month.  
"Prismatic Puzzle"  
"Poppies Galore"