"As I paint, I try to capture more than just a literal image of the subject that is in front of me.  I also strive
to capture the mood or emotion that I experience while viewing the scene as well.  For instance, the
intensity of the color I use mirrors the intensity of my experience while painting a particularly beautiful
scene. I especially enjoy the strong light and color contrasts of the South Carolina landscape. Marshes
at sunset, flowering fields and rugged gardens are favorite subjects of mine that I return to again and
again." - Alexandra Kassing

Alexandra received early artistic training from her mother, an artist and sculptor, and from her
grandmother, a landscape painter. Her artistic studies became more serious during a five-year stay in
Paris, France during the 1990’s where she studied both Studio Arts and Art History. She is particularly
influenced by the French Impressionists and Post-Impressionists.

Artist's website:  
The artwork shown on the website is not necessarily what is currently available at Art Central. If you are
interested in a particular piece, please call the gallery to see if it is available 843-871-0297

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who owns all right, title and interest in and to the artworks shown."
Alexandra Kassing
"Heron Fishing on Magnolia Marsh"
"Red Bridge and Hydrangea"
"Worth the Wait"
"Sunset in the Holy City"
"Color in the Marsh Sky"
"Sunset Silhouettes"
"Day is Done"
"Pink in the Sky"