A native of Charleston, SC, Christine currently resides in Summerville, SC. She attended Charleston County
Schools and the College of Charleston. She worked in the financial industry until a heart attack triple bypass
surgery at the age of thirty four made her take stock of what was important in her life. A lifelong love of art led to
a new and less stressful career.

What had begun as therapy quickly became her passion. She took workshops with several well known local
s and then branched out studying on her own to develop her own personal and distinctive style. A lifetime
of exploring the Carolina lowcountry has dictated her subject matter. The marshes, beaches and swamps and
the creatures that inhabit them are her inspirations. Christine is happiest in or on the water swimming, kayaking,
fishing or just sitting on a shore.

“Art is my escape. It is my hope that viewers of my paintings find the same peace and tranquility that I
experience as I create them. My goal is to invest nature with therapeutic values, to paint meditative landscapes
in a luminous style paying close attention to light and to set down very simply and sincerely my vision of nature.”

Artist's website:
Christine Crosby
"West End Folly"
"The Wave"
"Red Rigging"
"Circle Turtles"
"Sunset at Honey Horn"
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