"I can remember as a child sitting for hours drawing pictures of animals from magazines. With the
encouragement of my mother, I began oil painting at about the age of 12. Through my early years in school, I
experimented with different mediums and explored numerous styles and subjects.

As life would have it, I abandoned my own passions for the demands of a career and the needs of my family.  
My love of art  became a part of my past.

In 2005, my husband and I relocated from the dry arid desert of Las Vegas, Nevada to lush green
Summerville, South Carolina. This has been a very rewarding move which has allowed both my husband and I
to reinvent our lives and renew our passions for the arts.

Now I begin my journey again. Primarily self-taught, I am always exploring new mediums and techniques,
seeking new teachers and learning the art of self expression.”

Artist's website:
Jan Dalton
Jan also specializes in commissioned pet portraits.
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