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November Show
Magic Hour
by Alexandra Kassing
Through the end of November 2018 Art Central Gallery will feature the show “Magic Hour” by artist Alexandra
Kassing. The artist explores a fascination for sunsets and night skies. “I love this special time of transition
when it seems like the land loses its color and light, but by contrast the sky comes alive with vibrant color,”
said Kassing, “I call this the Magic Hour”.

“I consider myself a colorist, or modern impressionist - with light and color being the dominant feature of my
work. In this series, I pushed this even further by painting the land almost colorless using a very dark palette
which contrasts with the intense light and vibrant color of the sunlit sky,” said Kassing.

The largest painting in the show, “Worth the Wait” depicts two boaters on a dark marsh who are poised in
silhouette watching the sun descend. “In this work, I wanted to recreate that place of quiet and solitude
where one can rest and watch the spectacular show taking place in the sky. I wanted the viewer to almost
feel the cool descend over the marsh, as the sky was all ablaze with warm” says Kassing.

Another painting, “Sunset in the Holy City” was inspired by a view the artist had from a Charleston rooftop.
Kassing says.  “I was fascinated watching the edge of night descend over the city, and how the intense light
made the church steeples almost seem to dance. By contrast, the rest of the city below was indistinct but still
attracted me with its dark, mysterious places.”

Meet the artist at the Third Thursday reception, November 15th from 5-8pm at Art Central Gallery, 130
Central Avenue, Summerville.   

"Sunset in the Holy City"
"Worth the Wait"
"Pines on a Tangerine Sunset"
"Sunset Silhouettes"
"Day is Done"
"Pink in the Sky"
"Color in the Marsh Sky"
"Palms All Aglow"
"Nature's Nightly Show"