January Show
“Color Expressions”
by Renee Bruce
Art Central is pleased to kick off the new year with a burst of color from artist Renee Bruce.  Her solo show and
sale, “Color Explorations,” is featured at the gallery through the end of January.

“Color Explorations” comes just in time to brighten a sometimes dreary month.  Renee’s newest work is a
collection of paintings created with richly pigmented alcohol inks on impervious surfaces.  The artist is excited
about her new work.  She says, “The inks I used in these pieces are captivating.  They’re luminous and seem to
float across the surface.”

Renee explains her process, “These paintings were so much fun to create!  No brushes, but I used other tools,
including a credit card, cotton swabs, a spray bottle and canned air.  I tried not to control the ink unnecessarily.

The colors mixed and mingled until something beautiful began to happen.  Then I encouraged, repeated, added
and subtracted until the image was complete.  It was really an interactive process and very freeing for me as an

Meet the artist at a reception on Third Thursday, January 17, 5 pm.-8 pm.  Her exhibit, “Color Explorations” will
be presented until the end of the month.  
Abstract 710, 20 x 24
Abstract 724, 20 x 16  
Abstract 723, 20 x 16  
Abstract 807, 20 x 24
Abstract 612, 6x6
Cosmos I, 10 x 10
Cosmos II, 10 x 10
Abstract 609, 8x10
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